Luisa changes everything about herself – including her colorful polka dot boots – to avoid being called weird. Will this work? What else could she possibly do?

Sam picks on kids at school sometimes, but she’s not really being mean…or is she? Caring people want to help Sam change. Will she let them? 

When Jayla witnesses her friend being bullied, she is too scared to stand up for her. Then, someone dares her to take part in the bullying. Will she find the courage to do what’s right?


Peaceful Schools Productions is thrilled to announce the World Premiere of “Weird! The Musical” based on the popular Weird! book series by Erin Frankel and Paula Heaphy. One story of bullying told from three different character’s perspectives…the target, the bystander and the one using the bullying behavior. See your favorite books Weird!Tough!, and Dare! come to life on stage in this new original musical.

WEIRD! The Musical
Book & Lyrics by:
Shawn Forster
David Reckess
& Dani Ryan

Music by:
Shawn Forster
& Dani Ryan

Based on Free Spirit Publishing’s The Weird Series by Erin Frankel and Illustrated by Paula Heaphy
Learn more about the books here.

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Theatrical Licensing for Weird! The Musical coming in 2019!!!

MUSIC VIDEO: First Listen to “Enough Is Enough” - It’s time to debut another new song – CHECK OUT our new MUSIC VIDEO and hear writers Shawn Forster and Dani Ryan sing “Enough is Enough” from WEIRD! The Musical!!
VIDEO: First Listen – Sampler of songs from Weird! -   WEIRD! The Musical is getting ready to launch. Here is a First Listen to a sample of 5 songs from the show with Storyboard. These are demo versions featuring one of the writers, Shawn Forster, on vocals.
VIDEO: First Listen to the opening of Weird! - WEIRD! The Musical is getting ready to launch. Here is the First Listen of  “Morning Routine” with Storyboard. This is a demo version featuring one of the writers, Shawn Forster on vocals.