Weird! The Musical Reviews are in!

We have received wonderful feedback from the First Official Touring Production of Weird! The Musical. Take a look what Syracuse, NY area school staff are saying about our show.

“Such a well-written musical with a great message. Our students were highly engaged, some even moved to tears!!! The actors were amazing and you can tell they really believe in what they are performing.” – Administrator, Webster Elementary

“OUTSTANDING!!! The performances, character development, representation was spot on! The musical style of this show made it engaging for the kids in terms of pace and attention capturing. Set was excellent! Message was thoroughly explored! – Teacher, Westhill CSD

“The show is excellent! The plot is so thoughtful and focused on the changes the character go through as they learn about self-control, being kind and showing empathy. The costumes and sets are colorful and child-friendly. The musical is perfect!” – Administrator, H.W. Smith K-8

“The message in this show about bullying is in complete alignment with our other initiatives. Bullying is a highly relevant topic to explore with our student population.” – Teacher, Westhill CDS

“It was really engaging, Adults and kids loved it! Bravo! The original songs were great. I was so impressed” – Teacher, Webster Elementary

“Students were energized and discussing their favorite characters and why the whole way back to the classroom. The play was very beneficial to our students’ growth. It reinforced respect and common courtesy. The students really enjoyed it and realated to it in a powerful way.”
Teacher, HW Smith K-6

“Students were invested in the characters. They cared about what happened to them. They understood the interactions they were seeing and the social dynamics. They also  definitely enjoyed the music.” – Teacher, Westhill CSD